Business Disputes

Business Disputes

When companies decide to do business with one another, everyone hopes for the best. Some business arrangements go off without a hitch, and long-term relationships are formed that are beneficial to everyone involved. Other times, expectations are not met. Those failed expectations can end up costing companies thousands of dollars in lost profit and productivity. It is something companies of all sizes, and across all industries, have happen from time to time.


Ideally, the companies involved in such disputes will come to terms that are acceptable to both sides and move on. However, sometimes the parties simply cannot see eye-to-eye, and their disagreements need to be sorted out in court or through alternative dispute resolution. Zach Tenry has been assisting companies, large and small, with their business disputes his entire career. If there is potential for reasonable compromise, Zach can help your company chart out that path. But, if the matter is destined for litigation, you can rely on Zach to zealously advocate for you and your company when it counts.


In over a decade practicing law in East Tennessee, Zach Tenry has handled countless cases in courts all across the state. If your company is at odds with another business entity or its owners, give Zach a call at 865.247.5689 to discuss your case. You can also email us at and someone will respond as soon as possible.